My Story

For the last 30 years I have produced Medical Meetings/Conferences for numerous Pharmaceutical companies, in addition to being a corporate wife and raising two daughters.

Prior to that I worked with Martha Stewart in her Catering business in the 1980s, and later for Paul Newman & Joann Woodward in Darien, CT.

After losing three major players in my life in one year (sister, husband, BFF, and my oldest child left for college) I discovered an online Creative Grief Coaching Class that taught me there is no right or wrong way to grieve, there is no template or time frame.  I learned the benefits of Meditation and Clinical Hypnosis and chose to make both a regular part of my life.

After achieving Certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I discovered The Emotion Code, a way of identifying trapped emotions using Kinesiology and releasing these emotions by sweeping a magnet down the Governing Meridian (the Spine).  

What are trapped emotions?  

  • They are emotions we have taken on in our lifetime and stored, hidden, buried, but not forgotten. 
  • They are feelings that govern our thought patterns, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes. 
  • They determine our emotional reactions and experiences in life. 
  • They are a definite part of our intra-cellular and subconscious (90% of our brain) programming. 
  • They are unresolved, repressed, suppressed negative feelings
  • They are energies in and of themselves
  • They remain very much alive in our body and physical energy field
  • They affect everyday of your life, sometimes manifesting themselves as disease

The feeling of powerlessness has led me to study physical, emotional, and spiritual bereavement and dis-empowerment, followed by rebirth into a new relationship to power.  


Renée Beauchamp

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, The Only One in South Carolina

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Grief Coach