To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Renee Beauchamp for work with Emotional Code healing.

As a health care professional, treating humans and animals for nutritional and metabolic diseases, I am thrilled to be able to refer patients to Renee for this type of holistic care.

I have known Renee for over 7 years, and have watched her go through hypnotherapy and emotional code training, all in an effort to compassionately heal the neurosis, pain, and chronic life issues that people carry with them. She is intelligent, soulful and empathic which gives her a unique ability to work with both animals and humans.

After undergoing treatment with Renee, I got to personally experience her skill set, professionalism and caring.  I was impressed by her acumen, communication skills and follow through. It allows me to recommend her with confidence to any patient that I feel would benefit from her services.

Yours truly,

Dr. Susan Lafferty

Dr. Susan Lafferty, DNM     


To whom it may concern,

I have known Renee Beauchamp both personally and professionally.  I know her to possess a high standard of integrity, professionalism and commitment.  I have received Emotion Code treatments from Renee and have been extremely impressed with her knowledge and ability to effectively communicate that knowledge to her clients in a way that is meaningful and useful to the client.  As a Hypnotherapist, I will happily and confidently refer clients to Renee.

Warm Regards,

Pamela Tittle
 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist/ Certified Life Coach


‘I have to tell you this is the best my hip and whole body have felt in a long while. Major attitude improvement too. And great seeing you!!!’  Christy D

 ‘What a great treatment, I really enjoyed it’.  Megan L.

 'I felt good, clear, and grounded all day!’  Rebecca S.

'This is so amazing, I have this incredible feeling of elation. I haven't felt like this in I don't know how long.’  Aleta R.

'Thank you so much for sharing your gift of the emotion code with us. I've started feeling much less anxious. It didn't happen right away, though. I was really tired on Saturday night and all day Sunday, but still anxious. I took several naps each day. Then yesterday around noon, the anxiety just lifted! I have had a lot more energy than usual, too. I'm feeling really hopeful about this! You are wonderful to talk to. I feel so comfortable with you even though we have only met a few times. You are a very calming presence’. Deb M.

 ‘It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Renee for Emotion Code Certification.  I have known her for over a year and she is truly a joy to be around.  Her knowledge, passion, dedication, and ability to put anyone at ease will ensure her success.  She has certainly helped my wife and myself improve the quality of our lives using the Emotion Code.’ Mel Moore, LMT, Owner, Moore Massage

 I was referred to Renee by Rebecca Shaw, the CEO of Charleston Hypnosis Center in July of 2016. When I first met with Renee, I was anxious and fearful; I felt quite hopeless. Physical symptoms of a previous cancer illness were returning, including pain and numbness in my hips, legs and feet, along with extreme exhaustion. After six sessions with her my life has definitely changed for the better. I had a heart wall three inches thick that was made of steel! I felt immediate relief when my heart wall was cleared. A real breakthrough occurred, when Renee cleared the emotion of shame. I can remember feeling extreme shame as far back as ten years old, from growing up in an alcoholic family. The shame I carried all those years is completely gone! I am happy to report that after many medical tests, I am still cancer free! Renee's work with me has helped me to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her patience, caring and insight are extraordinary! - Liz S.